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抵免流程Waived Process

General Education Center Chinese Language Center Waived Process

"Individuals apply for waiving the "Basic Chinese(3 credits)" must attach a certificate in proof of an over 300 hours of Chinese language learning or the Chinese examination certificate in proof of an A2 or higher level of “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR.”

Chinese Language Center of GEC will verify the applications and reserve the right to reject.

The Process as following: Please follow the six steps.

Download the Student Report from Office of Academic Affairs
Step 1.教學務系統表單下載學生報告書
Please go to the department of Major office( Bring all documents )
Step 2.至系辦核章(檢附相關文件)
Please go to General Education Center(BOH 205)
Step 3.共教承辦審核.共教中心承辦人
General Education Center sent to Curriculum Development Section
Step 4.共教中心會送課務組
Get Information from Curriculum Development
Step 5.審核通行接獲通知後
Please check the Curriculum Section system online and wavied the credits by yourself.
Step 6.請自行上教學務系統進行線上抵免填報

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