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一對一華語課程 One-by-One Chinese Class

2. Other: One-on-one Chinese Course

Suitable for non-visa holder (NTOU students/faculty or foreigner in Taiwan)for visa holder, please apply1.Spring Intensive Course.

One-on-one Chinese Conversation Course


Course Content

Depend on students’ needs, example: Daily conversation, Chinese Language for business purpose or travel, and so on.


Course Date


Depend on students.

Course Time

Course Hours

Total of 20 hours, 1~5 times per week2 hours each time


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees of ntd 800 per hourtuition fees for a semester (20 hours) is ntd 16,000teaching materials is not included





1.      If a student want to take a leave for a reason, he/she need to inform the tutors a week before, so as to discuss about the class replacement. If  the student did not inform a week before, the class replacement will be suspended.

2. We do not accept take leave on the day of class, those who cannot attend are still required to pay the tutor’s day charge.




















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